Obtaining a residence in Turkey

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Stay by purchasing property

The easiest way to get a home is to buy a home right now. Buying a house worth at least $ 75,000 in big cities (Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, etc.) and $ 500,000 in other cities and the possibility of one and two -year stay for himself, his wife and himself in Turkey. Children under 18 years. This type of residence is renewable annually, but note that the property must be in your name for renewal.
To obtain housing when purchasing property, the following factors should be considered: According to the Turkish government's decision, some areas are not allowed to accept real estate, so keep in mind that the property purchased in other areas other than these areas Is located. The criterion of the Turkish government is to grant a residence permit by legal experts. Just paying $ 50 or more than $ 75,000 to the seller is not a reason to confirm your residence. One and two -year -old tours have been rented in recent years, but with the new law this type of residence has been suspended since the beginning of 2022.

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Obtaining residence through work

This type of residence can be received in three ways: If you currently have a valid residence permit in Turkey, you can change the type of residence permit by getting a job from a Turkish employer. If you do not live in Turkey at the moment, after receiving a job offer from a Turkish employer and conducting the relevant legal procedures of the employer, you will receive a residence permit from the beginning and you can emigrate to Turkey with these licenses. You can also register a company in Turkey and create a workplace for 5 Turkish workers for each foreign worker and get a work permit. This method requires capital and legal and economic knowledge. This is one of the safest ways to obtain a Turkish residence.

Turkish citizenship through investment

To get such a citizen, you can get one or more property worth $ 400,000 or a $ 500,000 Turkish lira deposit for yourself, your spouse and children under the age of 18 Turkish
Of course, obtaining Turkish citizenship requires certain conditions and laws (including the official value of real estate, the seller’s conditions, etc.), and if we wish, our specialists in Alanya and Istanbul are ready to consult. Answer your questions.

Turkish citizenship through education

Studying in Turkey is the cheapest and easiest way to live in this country. When it comes to studying in Turkey, academic immigration is meant, and of course a university degree is also required. Many people travel to Turkey after obtaining an academic position and obtaining a bachelor’s degree, a master’s or doctorate from one of Turkey’s universities, but remember that the Turkish Academic House is not permanent and you have to return to the country after the course. Unless you use the other methods mentioned in this article to renew your residence.

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