What are the differences in his education if a child under the age of 18 has a passport?

It can be a scholarship for European and US universities through the Turkish government. But it should be borne in mind that he cannot participate in the test of foreign students (Yus and SAT).

How can a passport be obtained for a child over 18 years of age?

A child over the age of 18 should alone have one of the conditions for buying a property worth $ 250, depositing or creating 50 Turkish workers.

Is the passport issued only to the owner of the document?

No for the owner of the document, spouse and children under the age of 18.

How long does it take between buying every house?

The sum of the purchase and delivery process of the apartment or apartment document should not exceed three months.

How is the value of each property specified?

By companies and official experts of the Turkish Document Office.

How many homes should we buy to reach $ 250,000?

Depending on the property, it varies, which can include 1 to 7 apartments.

What are the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and citizenship?

The first method of buying a property worth $ 250,000.

The second method of depositing $ 500,000 in one of Turkey's banks.

The third method of creating employment and paying salaries and insurance to 50 Turkish workers for 3 years.

The fourth method of marrying a Turkish citizen.

How long does it take from the purchase time to the document?

If the payment of the contract is ready, the document is ready and transferred in less than 3 business days.

Do I have to know Turkish administrative work?

No, it will be with you at all stages of the company.

By buying a property after a few years, can I know more about my capital?

If the purchase of the property is real and expert and the inflation that exists every year and your capital is currency, it will definitely be added to your capital every year.

What are the benefits of buying a property in Turkey?

* In the first place, foreign exchange investment abroad.

* Getting Turkish residence for themselves and all members of the family under the age of 18.

* Use some Turkish citizenship services.

* A sense of confidence for family members and having a second home abroad.

How can I convert money or transfer?

With the opening of an account in Turkey and converting rials to lira or euro by currency exchanges in Iran or by trusted companies in Turkey.

Do we have to pay the whole amount together to buy the property?

No, according to the parties to the transaction for any residential or field, you can make your payment in different ways.

Should we be there to buy a property?

No, you can also buy the property in two ways or to give a purchase to the person, lawyer or property.

What steps do we need to buy the property?

* The first phase of opening a bank account and transferring money from the country of origin to bank account in Turkey

* Second stage of visiting the desired property by a reliable company.

* The third phase of the formal and prepaid contract of the selected property.

* Fourth stage of payment of the remaining amount and agreed on the day of the transfer of the document and receiving the property and delivery of the property to the buyer.

What steps should be taken if we only intend to migrate?

There are two ways:

* The first method of getting a one -year tourist residence or investing and simultaneously passing tumor and Yus courses to enter university

* The second method of completing the Yus and Tommerial courses in official institutions in Iran and applying for a study visa from the Turkish Embassy in Iran.

Do you have to stay for the whole family?

Yes, for all family members, if you live in Turkey, you need to get a residence.

Do you need to buy a property to get a stay?

No, at present, every citizen in Turkey is also rented with a one -year tourist residence, and for the second year, it will be renewed by purchasing a property, work permit or employment.

What steps should be done to get a Turkish residence?

* The first step is to have an official residence address in Turkey (leased or ownership)

* The second step of getting a tax number

* Third Stage Getting Tourist Insurance for People over 18 and Under 65

* Fourth step of receiving the interview form or Randovo

* Fifth Stage Payment Dual Residence Taxation in Turkey

* Stage 6 of Completion of Translated Documents and Documents

How long can you stay in Turkey without a residence card?

For citizens with Iranian passports every 6 months, 90 days can stay in Turkey without having a residence card as a tourist.

How to make money from purchased houses?

You cannot sell your purchased units for up to 3 years, and you can rent short or long -term units during this time.

Do we need to know the language to get a Turkish passport?

No, there is no need to know the Turkish language to get a Turkish passport.

Do I need to register a company to work?

No, if you want to work legally, you can work by getting a job permit from the Turkish Government Office by the employer. But if you are an employer, you must register first of all.

How to get a job?

Through the employer or company in question, it should be borne in mind that 5 Turkish workers must be insured for each employee or worker other than leaving.

How are the company registering steps?

Depending on the type of activity of the companies, the company registration process is different, which is done by your selected chi or calculator by giving him a lawyer.

How much does the company register?

Depending on the type of activity selected from 4,000 lire.

What documents are needed to register the company?

1- Passport 2- Passport Translation 3- Tax Number 4- Attorney to Chi Calculation 5- Company Registrar Address

Can I stay with a company registration?

No, you must first have a tourist or investment residence.

Can I get Turkish citizenship with work permit?

Yes, after a 5 -year work permit, a company can apply for a citizen, which is done by the residence office.

Getting a citizenship through a work permit also includes family?

Yes, spouse and children under 18.

Is it possible to open an account in Turkish banks for natural and legal persons?

Yes, it is possible to open an account in Turkish banks for natural and legal persons.

Can we have a bank account without staying in Turkey?

Yes, you can have a bank account in Turkey with your passport and tax number.

What are the benefits of opening account in Turkey?

Get a visa or master card with your own name and profile.
Send and receive direct money from European and American countries.
Account management through the Bank and Internet Bank International Bank in question.
Opening the euro, dollar and lira currency account.
Convert currency from lira to dollars and euros and vice versa on the Internet Bank account.

In what banks can we have an account?

You can't have an account in all Turkish banks. The Turkish government has allowed the opening of an account for Iranian nationals in the two agricultural banks.

What kind of currency account can we have in Turkey?

Euro, lira and dollar

Can I buy internationally through the Turkish bank card?

Yes, you can make your own international purchases by having a Visa or Master Bank Card.

What are the conditions for studying in Turkey?

Education at the best Turkish universities with the low cost of using student facilities in Turkey higher than neighboring countries.

What languages are taught in Turkish universities?

The dominant language is Turkish in universities but is also taught in English.

How can you get into Turkish universities?

It is necessary to have a diploma to enter Turkish universities. You should then pass the university entrance exam. If you are not fluent in Turkish, you should also participate in free university Turkish courses.

What is a Turkish Tommerian language test?

If you are applying for a Turkish language study in Turkey, you should take the Turkish language test and get a minimum pass.

What is the Yus Yös test?

The entrance exam for foreign students in Turkey is known as Yös, where every foreign student must obtain a minimum acceptable score in order to enter Turkish universities. The test is held every year and all high school graduates or any diploma can take the test.

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