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Company registration process in Turkey

Registering a foreign company is a high -risk investment. To have a profitable business you need to check all the rules and costs of this option. Fortunately, the registration laws in Turkey are similar to that of Iranian laws. You do not need a residence permit to register a company in Turkey, you can do this in Iran. To register a company in Turkey, all documents and declarations must be sent to the business registration offices in the province where your company is located. These documents are formally approved by a business program after review. To register a company in Turkey, you must register with the Business Registration Office. Registering a company in Turkey is not a difficult process and you can own the company within a few days by providing the necessary documents and costs!

Ahad Business Group

Company registration fee in Turkey

After registering a business, you have costs to maintain a business. These costs include office rent, accounting and annual office costs and audit. Even to calculate what you have to pay 600-1000 liras per month. You can also use joint offices to reduce costs, which does not require an office rent. The price of special offices or subscription starts at 250 liras per month. Inadequate performance and incorrect registration procedure can bring you a lot of problems and debt and incur a lot of costs. Again, the organization's inadequacy in this area can have tax problems for you. Also, after receiving funds, such institutions receive other funds while doing other matters and you will have to pay it. So choosing an active company and a company to obtain a license for these activities. is.

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